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Nosara is located in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, one of 5 blue zones in the world; geographic areas with high concentrations of individuals over 100 years of age. The longevity of the inhabitants of this area is due to their diet, physical activity, contact with nature and family focus. Time stands still in this magical area, the beaches preserved by the nature preserve which doesn't allow any building on the beach. Keeping the natural ruggedness of the landscape and where thick tropical forest grows over the hillsides and along the coast.

Playa Guiones

Situated on the Pacific Coast just south west of the town of Nosara, Guiones Beach has some of the worlds best waves for long boarders and short boarders alike. Cruise on a bike from Casa Sierra just a few minutes down the road and through the Enchanted Forest, to reach Guiones Beach and surf til you drop. 


Guiones Beach is a beach break consisting of long right and left breaking waves. Just south of Guiones is Pelada beach and just north is Garza beach. All along the coast of this area you can find waves to surf. 

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Around The Area

Other than surfing and gorgeous beaches, Nosara offers many other activities and things to do. Grab a coconut, or "pipa", from a local coconut stand, or buy fresh fruit from one of the many fruit stands and fruit trucks in the area. Explore the laid back beach town's shopping boutiques, wide variety of restaurants, bars, grocery stores and farmer's markets.

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Many also enjoy the wide variety of yoga and work out classes available in close proximity to Casa Sierra. The horse back riding, zip lining through the mountains, stand up paddling, nature walks, hiking, atv tours and tours to coffee plantations are also experiences you'll never forget.

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